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Thursday, 14 July 2011

JARROW marches to victory

This is the 313th edition of the Wayward Lad blog.

What did I tell you yesterday?
“we may have a wager in another likely event on the card (at Hamilton)”; and boy, did we!
I posted-up the following on Betting League at 6:50am this morning – remember, I am now posting my selections on Betting League and advising the results of those selections on this blog AFTER they have run (for reasons why, read on).
“Since coming 2nd at Doncaster in May, JARROW has been in my notebook. Was not helped by the draw LTO, but drawn 3 of 8 today will not be a hindrance. Raced well off OR90 as a 3yo so is well-in on form. Today's trip and going will suit.
Boylesports go 7/1; yet the RP betting forecast has him at 4/1.
Posted at 06:50am 14th July 2011”

You cannot have a clearer indication to have a wager than that. You can read my Notebook entry adjacent, which includes the date I made the entry.

Why am I posting my selections on Betting League and not directly on the blog?
A few reasons really.
- I am trying to discover whether anyone takes any real notice of what is written on this blog of mine and whether readers follow the selections.
- I know that I have a core readership of about 100+ and that I have casual visitors of about another 250+. On top of those numbers, for the major racing festivals, I can pull-in another 300+ visitors to the blog. For instance, over 600 people read my Grand National blog on the day on which I made 3 selections; of which 2 were long-odds each-way selections (both fell), and the other was my ‘win’ selection – which was eventual winner BALLABRIGGS at 16/1. The response? Nothing.
- Actually, that’s not true. One ‘twit’ off Twitter proceeded to berate me suggesting that I had not in fact selected the winner and that virtually anyone could have done what I did. That not a single tipster who writes for the only British racing daily, the Racing Post, selected the winner of the Grand National this year suggests to me that my “effort” in naming the winner was a pretty decent one.
- By posting my selections on another “forum” where they can be independently monitored, then I can at least demonstrate my authenticity and integrity as a tipster.

If you visit Betting League, you will see that in the last couple of weeks since I have been “full-time” utilising Betting League to post my selections, I have advised 6 selections of which 3 have won at SP’s of 5/4 (advised at 4/1); 2/1 (advised at 11/4) and 11/2 (advised at 7/1).

So then, don’t read about my selections AFTER they have won – register with Betting League (it’s free) and follow my selections on there. There is plenty of decent racing on Friday but, as yet, I have not focused on a selection. If I do, then that selection will be posted-up on Betting League.

If, in the long-term, it appears that there is no interest in my blog to make it economically viable then I will almost certainly cease posting. I have an idea of the “next stage” for horseracing tipping on the internet; if other horseracing bloggers are interested, then contact me and I will get in touch.

Thanks for reading this blog to all new visitors.

The blog takes a lot of effort to maintain and I hope that readers of the blog get enjoyment from it too. If you have had a successful wager on the back of what you’ve read here, then please make a contribution as an expression of thanks. Feel free to tell those who you think may find the blog of interest and value and, if you are a regular visitor, please add the blog to your list of favourites.

Betting on horseracing should be a pleasurable experience - never bet more than you can afford to lose.
Thanks from Wayward Lad


  1. Hi

    I read your blog regularly, I don't bet on the selections but I like to read what you are saying.

    I also use the list of blogs on your site to read other good blogs.

    thanks for all the effort you put into maintaining the blog, I certainly wouldnt be able to do it.


  2. Thanks for the comments Ray, much appreciated. The blog list is rigorously maintained and any blogs that are not kept uptodate are weeded out.