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Record of the blog selections

Between March 2010 and April 2017, this blog recommended wagers on 520 individual races on Jump Racing in the UK, resulting in a PROFIT of £1,525.39 on cumulative stakes of £5,726 - this is equivalent to a Return On Investment of 26.60%.


There are NO affiliate links on this site to bookies from whom the author receives over 30% of the stakes from your lost wagers.ising selections on which to wager, since March 2010.

2011-12 Jumps Season selections

Since Sunday 3rd October 2011, all selections have been posted on the blog and verified by Betting League.

8th Oct, Reve De Sivola 1pt win; @ 7/2; unplaced …1.00pts lost
8th Oct, Stagecoach Amber, 1pt win @ 6/1; unplaced …1.00pts lost
15th Oct, Edgebriar, 1pt win @ 13/2; unplaced …1.00pts lost
15th Oct, BALTHAZAR KING, 1pt win @ 7/2; WON …3.50pts PROFIT
20th Oct, RAPID INCREASE, 1pt ew @ 10/1; placed (3rd) …1.50pts PROFIT
20th Oct, Going Wrong, 1pt ew @ 12/1; unplaced …2.00pts lost
23rd Oct, Gullible Gordon, 1pt win @ 6/1; unplaced …1.00pts lost
27th Oct, Lost Glory, 1pt win @ 9/1; lost (2nd) …1.00pts lost
29th Oct, Takeroc, 1pt win @ 11/4; unplaced …1.00pts lost
29th Oct, Muirhead, 1pt ew @ 8/1, unplaced …2.00pts lost
1st Nov, Ghizao, 2pts win @ 11/4; unplaced …2.00pts lost
7th Nov, YOU KNOW YOURSELF, 1pt win @ 4/1; WON …4.00pts PROFIT
7th Nov, Kristallo, 1pt win @ 6/1; unplaced …1.00pts lost
7th Nov, SARANDO, 2pts win @ 7/2; WON …7.00pts PROFIT
8th Nov, GOING WRONG, 1pt win @ 4/1; WON …4.00pts PROFIT
9th Nov, Buffalo Bob, 1pt win; unplaced …1.00pts lost
9th Nov, Sangfroid, 1pt win; unplaced …1.00pts lost
11th Nov, Crack Away Jack, 1pt win; unplaced …1.00pts lost
12th Nov, Balthazar King, 1pt win; unplaced …1.00pts lost
12th Nov, Loosen My Load, 1pt ew; unplaced …2.00pts lost
12th Nov, Wolf Moon, 1pt win; lost (3rd) …1.00pts lost
15th Nov, Absolute Shambles, 1pt win; unplaced …1.00pts lost
16th Nov, Signalman, 1pt win; lost (2nd) …1.00pts lost
19th Nov, I’MSINGINGTHEBLUES, 1pt ew @ 8/1; WON …9.60pts PROFIT
21st Nov, Midnight Appeal, 1pt win; lost (3rd of 5) …1.00pts lost
25th Nov, Aigle D'or, 2pts win; unplaced …2.00pts lost
26th Nov, Wyke Hill, 1pt win; Fell …1.00pts lost
26th Nov, Humbie, 1pt win; unplaced …1.00pts lost
2nd Dec, Sizing Sypmphony, 1pt win; unplaced …1.00pts lost
2nd Dec, GOLAN WAY, 1pt win @ 12/1; WON …12.0pts PROFIT
3rd Dec, Meanus Dandy, 1pt win; pulled-up …1.00pts lost
8th Dec, The Cockney Mackem, 1pt win; lost (3rd) …1.00pts lost
8th Dec, Rossbrin, 1pt win, pulled-up …1.00pts lost
10th Dec, Havingotascoobydo, 1pt win; lost (3rd) …1.00pts lost
10th Dec, Ghizao, 1pt win; unplaced …1.00pts lost
17th Dec, Benbane Head, 1pt win; pulled-up …1.00pts lost
17th Dec, COURT RED HANDED, 1pt ew @ 10/1; placed (3rd) …1.00pts PROFIT
19th Dec, Afistfulofpebbles, 1pt win; pulled-up …1.00pts lost
20th Dec, Prince Tom, 1pt win; unplaced …1.00pts lost
26th Dec, Pantxoa, 1pt ew; unplaced …2.00pts lost
26th Dec, Sarando, 1pt win; unplaced …1.00pts lost
26th Dec, Shaking Hands, 1pt win; unplaced …1.00pts lost
7th Jan, Pasco, 1pt win; lost (3rd lost (3rd) …1.00pts lost
7th Jan, Gallox Bridge, 1pt win; lost (UR) …1.00pts lost
14th Jan, Neptune Equester, 1pt win; unplaced …1.00pts lost
21st Jan, Ciceron, 1pt win; unplaced …1.00pts lost
21st Jan, Al Ferof, 1pt win; lost (3rd) …1.00pts lost
28th Jan, Diamond Harry, 2pts win, unplaced …2.00pts lost
28th Jan, Wayward Prince, 1pt ew, unplaced …2.00pts lost
24th Feb, REBLIS, ½pt ew; WON @ 10/1 …6.00pts PROFIT
2nd Mar, Valid Point, ½pt ew; lost (3rd) …1.00pts lost
2nd Mar, FRENCH TIES, ½pt ew, WON @ 16/1 …9.60pts PROFIT
8th Mar, Ballyoliver, ½pt win; lost (3rd) …0.50pts lost
8th Mar, Billsgrey, ½pt win; unplaced …0.50pts lost
9th Mar, Kasbadali, 1pt win; lost (3rd) …1.00pts lost
10th Mar, BUFFALO BOB, 1pt win; WON @ 9/2 …4.50pts PROFIT
13Mar12 - CUE CARD, 1pt win @ 3/1 (w/o the fav) - WON ...3.00pts PROFIT
13Mar12 - Fruity O'Rooney, ½pt ew; placed 2nd@ 20/1 ...2.00pts PROFIT
13Mar12 - Zarkanda, 1pt win @ 7/1; lost ...1.00pts lost
13Mar12 - Bless The Wings, 1pt win @ 8/1; lost ...1.00pts lost
14Mar12 - Tenor Nivernais, ½pt ew; unplaced ...1.00pts lost
15Mar12 - Noble Prince, 2pts win, unplaced ...2.00pts lost
15Mar12 - The Cockney Makem; ¼pt ew; place 2nd @ 25/1 ...1.3125pts PROFIT
15Mar12 - Brackloon High; ¼pt ew; unplaced ...0.50pts lost
16Mar12 - Weird Al, ½pt ew; unplaced ...1.00pts lost
16Mar12 - Cloudy Lane - ½pt win; lost ...0.50pts lost
16Mar12 - Slieveardagh - ¼pt ew; lost ...0.50pts lost
05Apr12 - Cootehill -  ½pt win; lost ...0.50pts lost
14Apr12 - Planet Of Sound; ¼pt ew; lost ...0.50pts lost
14Apr12 - Midnight Haze; ¼pt ew; lost ...0.50pts lost

Jumps Season 2011-12 totals
8.0125pts profit from 70 wagers, 77.50pts staked
Equivalent to a 10.33% ROI (return on investment)

JUMPS SEASON 2010-11 Profit = 10.0625pts
Total number of wagers = 96 (including antepost)
Total amount staked = 109.50pts
ROI = 9.18%

FLAT SEASON 2011 Profit = 10.89pts
Total number of wagers = 67
Total amount staked = 70.50pts
ROI = 15.44%

Total since 1st November 2010
Total number of wagers = 229 (as at 11.03.2012)
Total amount staked = 246pts
Profit = 31.6525pts
Overall Return on Investment (ROI) = 12.87%