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Monday 8 July 2013

Congratulations to Andy Murray

What a tremendous achievement for Andy Murray to win the Wimbledon Tennis Championship in 3 sets beating the (current) World Nr.1 player Novak Djokovic.
The 1st set looked brutal and yet it was the shortest (in time duration) of the 3 sets at only 59 minutes. I was particularly impressed at Murray's focus at key points in the match, when he was able to press home his advantage. Without doubt, Djokovic's serve was not up to the usual standard. Going into the match he'd averaged 66% of his 1st-serve's in play, and 82% of those turned into winning points. In the final, while he hit 65% of 1st-serve's in (68 of 105) only 59% turned into winning points (40 of 68). Obviously, you have to factor in the quality of his opponent, and Murray was able to return shots in such a way as to push Djokovic into making unforced errors.
What now for Andy Murray? This was his 2nd Grand Slam success yet he's still well short of Djokovic's ATP Tour points score of 12,310. In order to take the Nr.1 spot he needs to be more successful on the ATP World Tour Masters 1000 circuit on which Djokovic has won 3 tournaments in the past 12 months, whereas Murray only won 1 (and was beaten by Djokovic when they met in another final). I can certainly see Murray winning Wimbledon again in 2014, and maybe even in 2015. He also plays well in Australia, where he's  been a finalist 3 times and maybe at the next visit he can take the title. I can also see him being capable of retaining his US title. He's only 26 years old and should be able to maintain his position in tennis for another 2 or 3 years and win another 4 or 5 Grand Slams in the process.

Not a great display from my selection on Saturday, with Pastorius probably not appreciating the ground. It was another tremendous effort from All Kazeem. After he won at Royal Ascot I suggested he was capable of running to a rating of 123 and he proved that in winning the Coral-Eclipse on Saturday. Personally, I think he will still need to find another 3-5lb on that performance to succeed at Longchamps in October in the Arc De Triomphe when the ground could be against him.

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