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Tuesday 15 September 2015

The countdown to the Jumps season

The first proper blog of the 2015-16 jumps season and I've spent a bit of time updating the results section from last season, which was one of the best since the blog started in March 2000.
For the 2010-11 season, the blog achieved a 9.19% ROI (Return on Investment);
In 2011-12, the ROI was 16.21%
In 2012-13, the ROI was a magnificent 48.0% (50.675pts profit on 105.50pts staked)
In 2013-14, the ROI was 19.19%
And, for last season, 2014-15, the ROI was 39.34%
That's 5 successive jumps seasons in profit for the season, and this blog is FREE!

The blog alert list is taking shape, and I reckon I've found some cracking handicappers - plus I've been in contact with a few trainers and checked up on the status of some old favourites of the blog. My premise is that horses do not get quicker with age, but they do get more proficient at jumping hurdles or fences, and they get better at pacing themselves.
My aim is to spot the ability and speed early in a horses career, and follow them as they become experienced through racing, gaining proficiency and stamina, and (hopefully) winning along the way as they stay ahead of the handicapper.

Last seasons winners included Foxcub @ 11/1; Brick Red @ 4/1; Annacotty @ 6/1; Balder Succes @ 4/1; Milborough @ 20/1; and the icing on the cake was a tremendous antepost wager on a horse that was added to my alert list on 2nd January 2013 after winning a 3-mile novice hurdle at Cheltenham on 12th December 2012, and turned out to be the Gold Cup winner of 2015 - CONEYGREE, advised at 12/1 after winning at Newbury in February.

You won't find me advising wagers on many horses older than 9yo, and you certainly won't find me advising wagers on horses at short odds.  I have a minimum odds cut-off of 9/4, and I do not wager over the the jumps (hurdles or fences) at shorter odds than that.  There will be some losing runs - at one point last season we were down about £120, which is equivalent to 12pts on a £10 per point staking system, but we came roaring back to be over £350 up after the Cheltenham Festival. And we were close on the opening day of the Festival to striking a major eachway double with both advised selections being placed at odds of 16/1 and 22/1.

As per last season, all wagers will be advised in cash terms, ie the advised wager is £10 win etc.  To keep things simple, the staking plan is £10 per point, however I know that there are a few of you out there who wager more than this on my selections. Myself, I wager £40 a point on my selections - but you can wager whatever you feel comfortable with. I advise wagers in cash terms as I do receive a fair few emails from readers who are not sure how to operate a points based staking system.

There was no Cheltenham Festival Bulletin last season due to the pressures of my day-job (I do work for a living), but I'm planning on publishing a Bulletin in February.  If you want that Bulletin, you have two options:-
1) During the course of this season, donate at least £10 from any winnings from successful wagers that I may advise on the blog, or
2) When the blog becomes available in February, donate £10 then.

Over the course of the season, I will be putting in over 60 hours of research (probably more like double that) into the Cheltenham Festival and if you want to benefit from that, then I think it's only fair that you make a contribution.

So then, here's to hoping that this season will be as good as the last.  Unfortunately, one long term supporter of the blog, and an old friend for nearly 30 years, won't be reading this. But he's not forgotten, and I'm sure he's looking over my shoulder now.

All the best for the jumps season, from Wayward Lad.

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