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Between March 2010 and April 2017, this blog recommended wagers on 520 individual races on Jump Racing in the UK, resulting in a PROFIT of £1,525.39 on cumulative stakes of £5,726 - this is equivalent to a Return On Investment of 26.60%.


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Monday 29 April 2013

Jumps Season 2012-13 = 50.675pts profit

The 2012-13 Jumps Season officially ended on Saturday 27th April and tho' I wasn't able to post a winning jumps selection on the day, I am able to advise readers that selections on the blog produced a… 
profit of 50.675pts for the season 
…from 1st November 2012 to 27th April 2013.
All the selections posted on the blog in the period, plus the stakes placed and the odds obtained are detailed on the relevant page alongside, together with results for previous seasons. Since I started recording my wagers posted on the blog on 1st November 2010, I have produced profits of:-
Jump Season 2010-11 = 10.0625pts
Flat Season 2011 = 10.890pts
Jumps Season 2011-12 = 10.70pts
Flat Season 2012 = no selections posted 
Jumps Season 2012-13 = 50.675pts
Total = 82.3275pts

This is on total stakes of 347.50pts, giving a Return on Investment (ROI) of 23.69%.

While ROI is a good way to compare performance with other tipsters (23.69% means that every £100 staked results in a profit of £23.69) it does not truly reflect the overall performance. You cannot compare 23.60% with an interest rate for savings for instance. 
I wager to £40 a point, so my wagers since 1st November 2010 have produced for me profits of £3,293.10 (82.3275pts @ £40 per point). To generate that sort of return from savings in a interest-bearing account, you would need to have had £40,000 on deposit at a rate of 3% per annum; probably more than that as you have to pay income tax in interest, whereas no tax is payable on the profits from gambling.

I operate on a £1,000 or 25pt "tank", and that £1,000 has never been in danger of being lost, yet has produced well over £3,000 in profit in just 2 and-a-half years.

Over the coming months, I will be assessing the form of the jumps season that's just finished and updating my alert list for the autumn. It is essential to be ahead of the handicapper with improving young horses if you want to profit from horseracing.

For the Flat racing this season, I am concentrating my efforts on Listed races and Group races. I posted a couple of selections on Saturday, and found a decent 3/1 winner in AL KAZEEM, and came close to making is a double on the day with my only other Flat racing selection ALJAMAAHEER who was caught on the line and went down by a "head". I reckon there is plenty of scope to find value in the top Flat races, and that's what I aim to do during the summer months. 

Thanks for reading this blog and I hope you get enjoyment from it.
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Remember - gambling on horseracing should be a pleasurable experience - never bet more than you can afford to lose.
Thanks from Wayward Lad

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  1. Sounds a good plan for the flat, you will be able to go more in depth with only a small number of races to concentrate on and looking forward to reading your selections.