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Sunday 13 June 2010

Sunday Best

In today’s blog:
World Cup Specials
Today’s Selections
Review of yesterday’s blog

World Cup Specials
We clawed back some of the opening day losses, but Green’s error robbed us of a hat-trick of correct predictions, and we ended up making only £7.76 on £30.00 staked to leave us with a bank for today of £87.76 (down £12.24).
For Slovenia v Algeria, I am on Slovenia with £6.75 @ 5/4 with Hills and £3.25 on the draw @ 21/10 with Ladbrokes.
Serbia came through a very tough group and can exploit the weaknesses of Ghana who had an exceptionally easy qualifying group; the wager is £8.50 @ 6/5 with Ladbrokes and £1.50 on the draw @ 23/10 with Ladbrokes.
Germany will be very hard to beat and Australia will not be the one to do it; the wager is £8.50 @ 4/7 (available generally) and £1.50 on the draw @ 3/1 (available generally).

Today’s Selections
Today being a Sunday, I take a rest from the racing tho’ I have looked at a horse sent out by Pat Eddery today (see below).

The blog will be back with selections tomorrow.

Review of yesterday’s blog (Saturday 12th June)
The blog selection AVERTOR was a non-runner, which was a bit disappointing.
However, if you read the blog you will be aware that RC Guest has his stable firing and he sent out just one runner yesterday; Be My Deputy at Hexham which was 2nd @ 22/1.
Pat Eddery had one runner out on Friday which was 2nd at 9/2 (subject of a huge gamble) and sent out 2 runners yesterday and they both won at 11/1 and 12/1. He has a single runner out today STORM HAWK in the 4:05 at Doncaster.

There was a great response to the blog yesterday, probably because of the World Cup. Many thanks for reading my blog to all new visitors. Feel free to tell those who you think may find my blog of interest and value and, if you are a regular visitor, please add my blog to your list of favourite. Thanks from Wayward Lad.


  1. Greetings,

    Enjoy your blog. Would you be king enough to view my blog for possible inclusion on your blog.


  2. I've read your blog "fifty" but haven't included it before as you specialise in US racing. I will add your's to my list tho'.
    Good start on the World Cup with Slovenia winning (+£5.19) but Ghana took away my stake (-£10.00). How can I say this? Come on Germany!

  3. I Agreed with all your selections on World cup today.I thought Serbia were very disappointing (very negative) which was surprise as they looked fair team when qualifying.Ghana played well and deserved the victory and should qualify for last 16.Good luck with your bets through the World Cup

  4. Thanks Jerry. With Germany now 2:0 up it looks as tho' they've secured the win.