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Tuesday 23 August 2011

George Baker, George Baker, George Baker!

This is the 330th edition of the Wayward Lad blog.

One selection, one winner – GEORGE BAKER was my selection posted on Betting League today and he won at an SP of 5/2 (advised at 7/2). Always in command, he won a shade cosily at the end and I reckon his jockey – George Baker – will have felt the sharp edge of trainer George Baker’s tongue!

What is good is that it brought an end to my short losing streak and has put me back on track. As regular visitors will know, since 1st July I have been posting all of my selections on the Betting League website and not on the blog. The results since the 1st July are as follows:-

4th July, DRAGONERA, 2pts win @ 4/1; WON …8.00pts PROFIT
5th July, OFF CHANCE , 1pt win @ 7/2; lost (3rd) …1.00pts lost
5th July, FLOWING CAPE , 1pt win @ 7/2; lost (3rd) …1.00pts lost
8th July, CHARLIE COOL, 2pts win @ 11/4; WON …5.50pts PROFIT
9th July, AWZAAN, 1pt win @ 6/1; unplaced …1.00pts lost
14th July, JARROW, 1pts win @ 7/1; WON …7.00pts PROFIT
22nd July, DHAAMER, 1pt win @ 13/2; unplaced …1.00pts lost
26th July, STRONG SUIT, 1pts win @ 3/1; WON …3.00pts PROFIT
28th July, BOOGIE SHOES, 1pt EW @ 12/1; unplaced …2.00pts lost
6th August, ZUIDER ZEE, 1pt win @ 13/2; lost (2nd) …1.00pts lost
13th August, DOCOFTHEBAY, 1pt EW @ 12/1; placed 3rd …0.80pts PROFIT
19th August, NATIONALISM, 1pt EW @ 7/1; unplaced …2.00pts lost
20th August, HARLESTONE TIMES, 1pt EW @ 25/1; unplaced …2.00pts lost
23rd August, GEORGE BAKER, 2pts win @ 7/2; WON …7.00pts PROFIT

Total = 20.30pts PROFIT

Not a bad set of results, even if I say so myself.

I always like to keep an eye on the world of the bloggers, and ‘Joe’ who writes the Steeplechasing blog (see adjacent link) has an excellent page written by renowned journalist David Ashworth. Do visit and have a read, it may save your life (or, extend it a bit).

Thanks for reading this blog to all new visitors.

The blog takes a lot of effort to maintain and I hope that readers of the blog get enjoyment from it too. If you have had a successful wager on the back of what you’ve read here, then please make a contribution as an expression of thanks. Feel free to tell those who you think may find the blog of interest and value and, if you are a regular visitor, please add the blog to your list of favourites.

Betting on horseracing should be a pleasurable experience - never bet more than you can afford to lose.

Thanks from Wayward Lad.

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