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Sunday, 3 February 2013

5.50pts profit from 3.50pts staked - yet another winning Saturday

I came up trumps again for readers of the blog when ON TREND romped home @ 8/1 to turn around what was looking like a bad day at the office into another winning Saturday afternoon for the Wayward Lad blog. This follows the 8.40pts profit from 4pts staked last Saturday (just 4 selections) 26th January.
The previous Saturday (19th January) there was no UK jumps racing, and before that on Saturday 12th January we dropped 2.50pts when both selections were well beaten.
However, on Saturday 5th January I gave readers of the blog the Welsh National winner MONBEG DUDE @ 12/1 and, from just 2.50pts staked, another profitable day with 7.75pts in the bag.
If you've followed this blog every Saturday since 1st January then from 12.50pts staked you'd have made 19.15pts profit, equivalent to a 153% return on investment. In ordinary language, if you'd staked £10 a point then from wagers totaling £125 you'd have made a profit of £191.50. 
Let me tell you, this is a very good performance in anyone's terms - and it's free!
All I ask is that if you have a winning wager on what you read on this blog, be generous and share the wealth and hit that "donate" button at the top of the page.
Every little bit helps oil the wheels of life.
My stats page tell me that 542 people visited this blog yesterday, and what did you come to it for? There's not much point in reading it and then not bothering to place a wager, that's like looking at the cakes in the shop window and not bothering to buy one. So, it is fair to assume that the majority of readers placed a wager after reading this blog. If you are one of those that did, be gracious and hit the donate button. What would you rather do - pay £10+ in advance?
The choice is yours....

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  1. WL,

    Very pleased to see that you are progressing nicely...much success to you as you work hard. I am a firm believer in quality-not quantity in my bets..and a good priced selection can appear to be a virtual cinch at times.

    Best of luck



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