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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Bringing you up-to-date

I’ve been asked to provide a summary of my record since posting selections on the blog and via my twitter postings (Wayward_Lad).

Since my first “tweet” on 22nd September 2009, I’ve nominated 42 selections. From those 42 selections, there have 9 winners at odds of 5/2; 11/4; 3/1 (x2); 4/1 (x2); 9/2, 11/2 and 33/1. That 33/1 winner was Bubble Boy on 9th December which I advised as an each-way selection at 33’s, but it won at an SP of 40/1. There have also been 5 selections placed when advised as each-way bets at odds of 9/2 (x2); 5/1; 8/1; and 14/1. At 2pts win or 1pt each-way, the total investment is 84 points and the profit return (thanks to the 33/1 winner) is 47 points (56% return on investment - ROI). Even without the 33/1 winner, the selections are in profit (just).

I also provided a winning take on the General Election last week. I advised a punt on the number of Conservative seats won which resulted on a 35% ROI. The bet demonstrated a disparity in the odds with the bookmakers for a “hung” parliament at odds of 4/6, and a similar outcome being reflected in seat numbers at odds of 5/3 (Conservatives winning 300-324 seats was at odds of 5/2, and 275-299 seats at odds of 5/1; had the Conservatives won less than 275 seats its unlikely that there would have been a “hung” parliament).

So then, 9 winners from 42 selections is a 21% strike-rate, my target is 33%.

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