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Sunday 11 July 2010

One selection - one winner @ 5/1

What a tremendous win yesterday for the selection. CAPPONI was 5/1 when the advice was given, and was still 5/1 just 15 mins before the race. Then the money came in and it started at just 3/1 - the result was never in doubt! So, at 1pt ew that's 6.25pts profit on the day. No racing selection today (it being a Sunday).

As for the World Cup Final, come on the Netherlands! Those who follow the blog will know that on 21st June, I advised taking the 9/1 about the Netherlands to win the trophy. You can take a profit now, or just lay-off your original stake, or let it ride.

Enjoy the game.

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  1. AnonymousJuly 11, 2010

    Hi mate, have added you to my links some of your recent posts have been very insightful and helpful especially the posts on oddlines - do you always use the same criteria? As sonmething like fitness seems to differ I find.

    Cheers Rich

  2. Many thanks for the link Rich.
    Oddslines are very personal as they should reflect what you think matters most in the betting markets you play. I mainly play handicaps, between 7f and 10f on the flat, class 4 and better. The criteria in my blog on oddslines were to provide an example that could be followed. In my personal oddsline I include things like quality of jockey; if a right-handed or left-handed track affects a horse; if particular going affects a horse; and so on. I also have a personal "X-factor". You may think fitness is 25% of a horse's performance, whereas I may think it is only 20%. Long-term, oddslines help as if you can correctly rate a horse at 3/1 that wins 25% of races and the bookies price it up at 5/1, then you cannot lose.