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Monday, 21 February 2011

Some answers to some questions

Many thanks for the comments and general response to the good performance of the blog selections.

To answer some of the comments (see previous blog post):-
To Anthony at Nose Ahead (http://noseahead.blogspot.com), the reason I didn’t go for Skippers Brig on Saturday (and believe me, he was the first horse I was drawn to in the race) was due to what I wrote about him on my Alert List narrative (see adjacent column). "Altho’ he has won at 3-miles, it was only a 4-horse race on heavy (which he handles) and SKIPPERS BRIG was top-rated in the race and merely had to complete to win. Personally, I don’t think he stays 3-mile as in his other 3 attempts at the trip he’s been well beaten. Returned to 20f NTO, he easily put the race to bed, winning comfortably.” Clearly, I got that wrong. The horse did run a brilliant race in the Boylesports last season (came 3rd), but generally Nicky Richards has an awful record when he travels more than 100 miles with his horses, so I won’t expect it to follow-up at the Festival.

To The Laird at Sprinterstogo (see adjacent blog link), my opinion of the National fences is that they are not as fearsome as they appear and those that fall are usually running into the fences too quickly and tip-over. Even so, a heavy going specialist like Silver By Nature is a slugger not a speed merchant, and I feel he will be tailed-off by midway.

To James at Gift Horse Investments, I have added a link to your blog (and I’ve done the same for Nose Ahead). As you asked for the link James, I expect a reciprocal arrangement with a link to this blog on your site. I do review my blogs-list every week, and I do read them – I don’t just “collect” them. If you stop blogging, or if the content ceases to be your own independent opinion, then I will delete the link from my blog-list.

Lastly, Westhill Lad; thanks for the compliments. My form study revolves around use of the RP website mainly, with use of the ATR and Sportinglife video’s (Sportinglife provide RUK videos for free). I only buy the Weekender, and I trawl thru’ the results section noting decent performances. Generally, I look for younger horses on the way up the handicap. I make notes of performances, and I review races I’ve had a wager in whether I win or lose. I am not sentimental about horses, so I will not follow any horse on a long losing run. I try and find out as much information as possible using every available source, the internet, twitter, racing papers, betfair forums. For instance, I learned today that last week DENMAN had a breathing op. Don’t know about you, but that may not be good news. Paul Nicholls gives many of his horses breathing op’s and they are not all successful. I also use a horse-alert reminder system provided by www.easyodds.com as it is free.

There are no selections for today’s horseracing.

Thanks for reading this blog to all new visitors.

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Thanks from Wayward Lad


  1. Hi Wayward Lad,

    I enjoyed reading how you pinpoint your selections and the techniques you use to glean information. I always find it fascinating how each person has their own working method and it is something I wish more blogs would detail as it makes for good reading. Keep up the good work.


  2. Hi Ian,
    For info the wind op on Denman was done week after Hennessy. Full details here. http://betting.betfair.com/horse-racing/paul-nicholls/ante-post-plans/denman-exclusive-operation-for-gold-cup-hopeful-190211.html


  3. Jason: must admit, if all someone writes is: Epsom 3:30, Red Rum - it gives me no confidence at all. For all my selections I give the reason why I feel confident, and why I consider the market odds offer value. No value, no bet. Perhaps if bloggers wrote more about how they arrive at selections, there may be more feedback.
    Kevin: thanks for the update. I learned via twitter that Paul Nicholls announced the breathing op on Denman on Sat morning via his Betfair blog. What I do not appreciate is why - when the op was carried out in early December - it took over 2 months for Nicholls to announce the fact! From the "open day" at Ditcheat today, Nicholls is not sure whether the op will, or wont, benefit Denman. We'll have to wait and see.

  4. Hi WW,
    Have reciprocated the link;)
    Regards Anthony @ NoseAhead

  5. Cheers for your thoughts WL. I'm reassessing my approach after a poor run since mid 2010. I had a cracking Cheltenham last year but the profits have steadily drifted away and I have taken a step back to understand why. Most of my success comes from the top festivals where trends and form go hand in hand, and where the markets are strong. I have 10 years of betting records to hand so at least I can review where I do well and just as important where I fall down. I've also started afresh with a new notebook in which I'll state my punting philosophy/golden rules/horses to follow etc. Out of interest how do you rate Euston Square 6.35 Kempton on Weds? Once again, thanks and GL.

  6. Westhill Lad: the AW is not my sphere of operation, even so Euston Square looks one-paced even for this class 6 race! Not much between the two market leaders and one of them should win.


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